Gratitude in Perspective


Each night, over dinner, my boys and I share both our favourite and our least favourite part of the day. Truth be told, listening to my boys regale in tales of their day always registers high on my list of little pleasures for the day. It was recently suggested to me that we begin to incorporate gratitude into this practice; recognizing not only what we enjoyed in our day, but also what we are thankful for, could help my children begin to see the world in a new light.

And the very first time I asked them, they surprised me. I expected they’d be thankful for Netflix, Nintendo DS or water guns, but they weren’t.

“I’m thankful for this yummy dinner your made us.”

“I’m thankful for dinnertime together.”

My boys made me so proud, to understand the value of food on our table and family to share it with; what a beautiful and unexpected surprise.

I’ve long been a believer that the energy you put out in the universe is what you will attract, but I’ve never taken a step back to think about gratitude. About the importance of appreciating the little things that are so easy to take for granted, and the perspective such thankfulness can bring to our lives.

I want to live my life, enjoy my life and relish in the beauty of the world around me and taking a moment for appreciation and gratitude seems like a positive step in the right direction.

Today, I’m Grateful for:

love, friends, children, sunshine, smiles, breakfast, kisses, hugs, support, laughter, technology, fuzzy blankets, warm socks, full stomachs, my sight, my home, country living, music, kitchen dance parties, partnership, family, eggs, freedom, self-acceptance, independence, coffee, my car, snuggles, dogs, bubbles baths, chocolate, green grass, being a mom, self-sufficiency, words, board games, girl time, adventures, nature, inner beauty, acceptance, self-expression, respect…


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