I high-fived a waiter recently, because we both like sleeping with girls, and I’m kind of proud of it.

I was out for dinner with a gaggle of girls, we’d all had at least a few drinks and discussions were definitely of the adult variety. After one of my friends made some sort of comment about guys being difficult, the waiter replied with a laugh, ‘yeah, that’s why I sleep with girls’; without hesitation, my slightly inebriated self reached across the table and initiated a high five, gleefully sharing in the camaraderie. In that moment, I wasn’t shy and I wasn’t worried. I simply grinned and embraced my lady love and it felt amazing.

The freedom of that moment felt celebratory; my lack of hesitation and the certainty of my action has stayed with me since it happened.  On that particular day, I may have needed a few drinks to publicly acknowledge my desire for women, but I feel nothing but positivity from the experience and feel like THIS small action, may be a catalyst that helps me embrace the next steps on my journey to being ‘out’. Even if I’m not exactly sure what being out looks like for me.

This post is inspired by the Daily Prompt, Struggle.


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