A Life with Less Rushing

un-becomingWhen asked to envision a life with less rushing, my instinct is to create a list of all the things I would do for myself, instead of rushing to do things for others: exercise, yoga, running, cooking, baking, crafting, sewing, crocheting, the list could go on.

My instinct is to take that list and methodically enter those ‘things’ into the calendar, thus creating more schedule, more expectation and generally more things to attempt to, and potentially fail to, accomplish.

That’s not creating a life with less rushing, it’s instead setting myself up for failure, in a situation where true success is a completely qualitative metric.

So what does this life with less rushing really look like?

I think, its a life that affords the luxury of choosing what feels right in the moment and the wisdom to hear the message of the heart and follow through on those desires.

It looks like an unapologetic self awareness that is not hindered by guilt and expectation and instead thrives in the certainty of personal capability and that the knowledge that deep within our being, we all know what we need to do: to be refreshed, to be fulfilled and to live a life that serves our own soul.

And now that I’ve named it and described it, I want it.
I want a life with less rushing.


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