It is Time.

I never disappeared inside of you. I was just temporarily letting your light be brighter than mine. I dimmed my flame so another wouldn’t feel less. I fed your light with my own, and then I let it engulf me.

-I will not lose myself this time

Every time I read that quote, and I’ve read it many times, I am overcome with a single word.


For the better part of 14 years, that was my reality, my everyday. And just one year ago, I stepped away from his flame so that I could feed my own. I finally knew that it was my time to shine.

I’m inspired by the words on the page, knowing that not only has the writer walked a path similar to mine, but more importantly she has managed to come out the other side, stronger and more confident in who she is.

Today, I’m in the tunnel; I know, that I will no longer tolerate anyone who cannot allow me the freedom to be my  uncensored, authentic self. I know, that I will not be rushed, by anyone, to reach my as yet to be determined destination.

But I want, what she has.

I want that certainty that I will not buckle; that I have the strength, the willpower and the self awareness to notice when the path starts looking worn and familiar and most of all the certainty that I will blaze a new trail each and every time that I must. I need to believe that I will do whatever is necessary  to ensure that I am the light of my own life.

It is my time to shine bright.
It is my time to stand for what I believe in.
It is time to set myself free.


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