Goodbye, old me.

captureHim: Do you think you’re a different person than you were when you were married?
Me:    Yes, for sure.
Him: Because I don’t know, I don’t know that person at all.

And like a switched being flipped, I realized that I am the one that’s holding on to that oldest version of me. The me that I see as meek and oppressed and willing to let her self be the second fiddle in her own song.

My old friends  knew me at that time, but they don’t see me like that; they’re proud that who I am is finally shining through in all facets of my life. My newer friends, can barely fathom this other version of me, so foreign from the person they see standing in front of them.

Who I was and who I have been are an integral part of my journey, important facets of the experiences I’ve lived and the decisions I’ve made in order to become the woman I am today; I don’t want to forget that other girl, but its time to stop carrying her around and letting her wiggle her way into my conversations and thought patterns.

She is not where I am going and it’s time for me to start leaving her at home. Old me, is no longer invited on this ride called life.

With thanks for enduring the tough times, I raise my hand and wave goodbye to the girl I used to be and open my arms to embrace the new me and the woman I am becoming.


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