Cautiously Optimistic

For me, October was an overwhelming awakening, an opportunity to see, to feel and to own my experiences without judgement and fear.

In contrast, November has brought me much reflection, consideration and confidence that I have changed. I’ve found myself filled with certainty that I am a different person than I once was.

But I remain cautious; humbled by the weight of my past decisions as I stumble through each day embracing my new reality. In the past I have lost myself in others and I have ignored realities that were meant to be seen.

Today, I believe I that I have changed and I’m working towards the confidence that I can sustain myself in the face of adversity. I want to believe that I have the strength to shine brightly and shine true, no matter the challenges that life presents.

I’m positive that in time, this certainty will arrive. Until then I will remain cautiously optimistic that I have the strength of character to stay true to the song my heart is singing, because finally, I think I’m listening.


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