Heart Song.

love-yourselfI remember the first time that I heard someone talk about their heart singing, it sounded  light, fluffy and unreal; I remember judging her a little bit and considering her a bit of a flake. Yet I still understood that the glow this woman carried with her was a result of being in tune with her personal desires, her strengths and weakness and most of all her heart.

Since that time, I’ve reflected a lot on this idea that there is a linkage between my personal fulfillment and honoring and accepting myself for all that I am. When I left my ex-husband I told him “I’ve come to realize, that OUR relationship, yours and mine, no longer makes my heart sing, and I just don’t want to try to make it anymore.”

And since that day, I’ve been growing, I’ve been changing and I’ve been listening. Some days I could hear the faintest whisper in my ear and others, the silence was deafening. But as my poem Sigh, emerged last week, I realized that my heart is in fact, starting to sing.

I’ve been doing the work to be true to myself and as a result not only is my heart’s song emerging, my heart feels fuller and warmer each and every day.

I am prioritizing me; saying no to that which doesn’t serve me.

I am accepting me; no longer standing with one foot on either side of the doorway, ready to embrace my rainbow.

I am trusting me; following feelings that cannot be ignored, and striving to remain confident in my own strength and authenticity.

I don’t remember the last time I heard more than little snippets of my heart song, but it doesn’t matter, the song is surely different now, more beautiful and perfectly suited to the woman I have, and will continue to, become.


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