Words Set Me Free

I love words; words, become sentences, emotions, experiences and stories. Reading, writing, it doesn’t matter, words are an escape, an opportunity to feel the feelings within the confines of the mind.

Words have always set me free.

Given time, quiet and the opportunity, the random jumble that is constantly floating, flipping and turning in my mind escapes; snippets become something therapeutic and something beautiful, words that capture the experiences that I struggle to understand and the lessons I’m trying to learn.

For the first time in my life, I feel truly heard and understood in my process. I feel no guilt that the words are not yet available to me and I feel no pressure to find my words prematurely, instead I feel enveloped by patience and love, safe to roam, to discover and to hear my hearts song.

And I hear it now, my heart is singing.

My heart feels strong, true, authentic and free and my soul is brimming with a love unlike any I’ve ever known.


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