Love is Love

In my life love has always had an obligatory undertone; love meant giving a part of me to the people that inhabited my life. Love was something I reciprocated, I gave away a part of me, because I felt like I was supposed to. I didn’t know that love should never rob us of ourselves.

Love was simply four letters to appease the ego; an obligation to express to my partner just how important they were to me, the required response to questioning eyes, inquiring comments or statements of love and affection. To me, love was primarily a response.

But that’s not what love is supposed to be, finally I understand that love is not intended to be burdened with obligation. Love is meant to fill you up and reverberate from your soul. Love stokes the fire that you’ve already built within you, until it bubbles from your pores creating the most alluring and inescapable glow.

Love is not codependent, love does not ask for more than you can give; love is pure. In my life, I have loved to the best of my ability, but if THIS is love, then everything before was something else entirely.

Today I’m living in a technicolor world that’s bursting with love, light, happiness and all the rainbows, because for the first time I can see, that quite simply, love is love.


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