I met a girl

Have you ever met someone and felt immediately at ease?  As if you could talk for hours, even though you’d only known each other for moments? Have you felt an energy that made a stranger feel like a friend and a moment that could have been so awkward feel safe?

I have.

Before I met her, I was not a believer; instant connections were the things of fairytales, story books and television shows. Real people had real, tangible experiences that logic could follow.

But I was wrong.

It was literally months, five to be exact, between our first meeting and the next; a lot of life, growth and change happened (for both of us) during that time. But eventually, we had dinner. We talked for hours, neither of us wanting to leave, both of us amazed how aligned our perspectives on life were.

In time, we would come to admit that something special existed between us; something different than I had ever experienced and certainly something more than I knew was possible.

I met a girl and together we’re discovering that nothing’s as it used to be and everything’s as it’s meant to be. Together and apart, we are growing, we are changing and we are supporting one another in our journey to live our own authentic truth.


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