Strangers Passing By

We sit, snuggled together on an airport bench; waiting, chatting and smiling before the inevitable moment when I need to walk through the gate. Part of me feels like we’re surrounded by a bubble glowing with happiness, love and joy. She makes me feel like that whenever we’re together; as if WE are untouchable.

But we are not alone and we are not invincible.

There is the man in the chair across the hall, curiously and cautiously watching as I lean my head on her shoulder yearning to be held then as we shift so I can hold her in my arms. His eyes sneaking not so secret glances as our hands touch and our lips meet ever so quickly.

There is the security guard that walks by and can’t keep his head from doing a double take, from staring as he continues walking with a look of disbelief on his face. What exactly he find surprising I’m not sure, its not a big city airport, but surely gay people have been here before.

There is the young flight attendant, she surprised me when she couldn’t help but stare out of the corner of her eye as she passed. I had a hard time reading her expression; judgement, confusion, surprise, I’m not really sure.

As an individual, I’m very feelings focused, I like to understand people, empathize with their experiences and try to connect on some visceral level. These interactions create a unique conundrum for me; I feel like these interactions are inconsequential to me yet I continue to think of them. In the midst of the inquiring moments, we shared a few smiles, full of love, but there was no need for acknowledgement or discussion, we were safe within our bubble, unaffected and unconcerned.

I’m not troubled by these experiences, nor am I hurt, upset or otherwise concerned, but the empath side of me wants to understand, what makes people stare at two girls in love? As if my understanding their perspective could somehow help them understand me; I’m naive sometimes, but I can’t stop believing that we are all born with an inherent beauty, innocence and capacity to understand.

I can’t change the world, but I can hope that in my lifetime, I will have opportunities to connect with individuals that perhaps don’t understand what it means for me to be finding my happiness and living my truth. How finally honoring myself has been the key to shining brighter than I could have ever dreamed possible. And maybe, I will help at least few souls open their heart to understand that truly, love is love.


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