My Heart Misses Hers

Missing her is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

Never have I missed someone so wholly and felt so strongly that my heart needed to be close, even for just a moment, to recharge, to refill, to smile bigger and brighter. I didn’t know that love could be so certain, that I could feel so free to be me and still want her by my side.

I didn’t know how to be me, how to let my soul be free, how to accept not just my flaws and my strengths but also embrace the energy that I alone create and see the light that glows within me.

I have stopped being a robot, a shell of a person, succeeding at the life that was placed in front of me and instead I’m crushing expectations and building a life that answers to me and me alone. I control my destiny, my life and my future. I will be my own guiding light, my own leader and my own fairy godmother.

I have chosen to let the most beautiful woman into my life; she stands with arms wide open, never trying to contain, restrain or change me. When we are apart, my heart misses hers and that’s something that needs to be felt. Missing her makes my heart swell and I feel no obligation or guilt, I am simply overcome with love. Missing her is a beautiful reminder that I don’t need her, I want her and its a subtle but important distinction in the life that I choose to lead.


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