Believe in Me

For the first time in my life, I feel free, authentic and true but what does that really mean?

It means that I believe in me; that I’m trusting my instincts, I’m listening to my heart’s song, I’m looking out for myself first and foremost and I have unwavering faith that everything will work out the way its meant to. Because all of the things that happened before this very moment, regardless if they were terrible, wonderful or anything in between, happened to bring me to the perfect place that I currently reside. And everything happening now is going to continue taking me exactly where I’m meant to be.

The journey isn’t meant to be easy, but eyes wide open are mandatory if we want to get off the merry go around and move towards a new, different future filled with happiness and joy.

But its easier said than done; when  presented with the opportunity, it can be difficult to walk away from the shiny horses, sparkling lights and alluring music that have tricked us into believing, this time it might be different, so many times before.

But for me, being free, authentic and true means questioning why I want to believe in a reality that has never existed, it means remembering the dizzying feeling that overcomes me as the world spins around me and it means giving myself the space to hear the guidance my soul and intuition softly whispers.

But most of all, being free, authentic and true means trusting and believing in ME.


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