This Love is Different

A new friend asked my about my girlfriend this weekend; she was genuinely interested in how we met, what we had in common and just generally engaged me in girl talk. It felt easy to open up to her, to tell her how this was different than anything I’d ever experienced and how amazing if felt to be so aligned about life and about love. I gushed about my amazing girlfriend and she listened, asked questions and allowed me to revel in the beauty of my relationship.

We’ve been dating almost four months and in hindsight I’ve realized that this was the first time I’ve had the opportunity to be girly and giddy about her and about us. I have had conversations about our relationship with some of my friends and a few special co-workers, but this was different.

My friends and family are protective of me, they’ve watched me hurt and they’ve watched me lose myself. They’ve supported me as I struggled to walk away from my marriage and again when I let a relationship become more than it was meant to be and started to lose myself in a whole new way. I understand why my people are cautious, why they don’t trust me to make the right choices, to put myself first and never compromise who I am for someone else, and I will never hold that against them. They are beautiful souls and I am fortunate to have them on my team.

But WE are different, SHE is different and everything about US feels different. When we finally had the opportunity to become friends, we bonded over a mutual desire for change, to have room to be and grow ourselves first and foremost regardless of our relationship status. And now that we are together, that continues to be a priority; I love her because of everything she is and all that she dreams of being. I have only love and support to offer as she strives to reach her goals and I feel the same from her every second of the day.

We are the only ones that feel what we feel, that live what we live and know what we know. And what I know, is that we are nothing like anything before. I know we will continue to love and support each other through the obstacles that are sure to cross our paths, we will grow on our own and we will grow together. In time, I’m certain that my people (and hers) will come to see all that we are and all that we give each other, and that will be nice, but its not necessary. It’s our relationship and we know that this love is different.


2 thoughts on “This Love is Different

  1. lesbianlifeafter40 says:

    How absolutely wonderful. I believe it happens, some time the pain takes us to where we were always meant to be, in the arms of the one who will gently protect our heart. Congratulations:)

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